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Our Local Visionaries

This is how it all started.

Jason Lim

is a church planter, pastor and the Focus City leader for Greater Europe Mission in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Kelly Seely, PhD

is a church planter, pastor and the leader of the International Mission Board team in Frankfurt.

Stephan Pues

is a former church planter and the director of City To City Europe with the vision to create movements of the gospel in the cities of Europe.

Our Global Supporters

This is how the idea expanded.

Michael Crane, PhD

is one of the directors of Radius Global, a city network devoted to providing resources for faith-based engagement of cities through research, resources, and networking.

Victor Hou

is the Associate Vice President for Global Advance at the International Missions Board. He leads IMB’s efforts to engage urban populations globally, working with their network of city leaders.

Lisa Rohrer

is a research fellow at Nordregio, an international research centre for Nordic urban and regional planning in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our Administrators

This is how the idea becomes reality.

Tim Eberhard

is Kelly Seely’s personal assistant and in charge of financial matters in particular.

Madita Engel

is Jason Lim's personal assistant and particularly in charge of communications.

Our Partners

These organizations enable us to make urbano 2024 happen.

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